DressageCalendar.com grew out of the frustration I felt in looking for both rated and schooling shows when I recently bought a new horse and got the itch to head back to the show ring. In South Florida we have access to so many great show grounds, clinics, and events that it can be overwhelming and no one website even tries to list all the stuff. I also know that in other parts of the country where dressage events are fewer and farther between, if you miss something you may not have an opportunity like it again for a while, making every show or clinic missed heartbreaking. So after doing a bit of exploring online I got the idea that I could single handedly remedy the situation.  Enter my trusty laptop and lots of coffee.

DressageCalendar.com’s Goal

This website hopes to grow into the calendar for all dressage events in the USA and Canada. No event to big or too small. Got a 4H ride-a-test, post it! Have an internationally famous clinician coming to your barn, post it! Let’s get everything in one place, because while the 10 year old girl on her 4H pony at the ride-a-test many not ride in that clinic this year, she could audit and be inspired. Without good sources of events information learning experiences are slipping away from all of us dressage riders every day. Help us all be better riders by sharing as many experiences as we can.


About Michelle Cavanaugh Donn

Michelle is a lifelong equestrian who, from dressage to reining horses, has done a little bit of everything that you can do with a horse.  She is a native of Palm Beach County, Florida, where she got her start showing at the Posse Grounds on a 20 year old quarter horse, Major, leased from a cousin.  After some time working her way up in the hunter world to the A circuit, she was introduced to dressage and got serious about the FEI Young Riders Program while in high school. Over the years Michelle’s mother, Carol Cavanaugh, has also been involved in the business, owning Swan Lake Dressage in Wellington, Florida and then later backing Michelle in founding her tack shop, Unbridled Saddlery in Dallas, Texas. Michelle is currently living in Loxahatchee, Florida and is excited to head back to the dressage competition ring with her new horse Lucas and the support of her husband Scott Donn.