How do I add my events to

There are three ways you can add your dressage events to our site.

Use our feed submission form:

Give us the link to your google calendar feed. This is the best and simplest way to add your events as changes and updates will feed to monthly. (If you website uses “The Events Calendar” plugin for wordpress and has an active feed we can also use that.)

Upload an .ics or icalendar file of you upcoming events. As this is a single file if you make changes or updates to your events you will need to resend is the file.

Learn more here.

Create event listings directly on our site:

Create a user profile then add your event(s) to the calendar directly on This is a great option if you only have a few events to promote or your website will not generate a feed. Learn more here. reserves the right to add or remove any events deemed to not be benefiting the dressage community at large. All calendar additions subject to approval. Please allow 24-48 hours from approval.

Why are/aren’t my events on

Listings on are created from many sources. But most events are added to our calendar using calendar feeds from other sites around the web such as dressage clubs and event venues. Event listings that we think are important and formatted to be compatible with our system are added all the time. If your events are on it is because we want to help your event(s) succeed and think what you are doing is important to the American/Canadian dressage community. If your dressage related events are not on but you think they should be please see above information of how to get them listed!

How can I have my events removed?

Follow this link and let us know your website and we will remove your events from our calendar. Events listed on this calendar are for the betterment of the American/Canadian dressage community and we hope you will reconsider before asking to be removed from this site.

How can I edit an event that is listed on

That will depend on how the event found its way on to the calendar. If your event was added via file upload (.ics file), from a google calendar feed or through “The Events Calendar” feed you can update the source (i.e. your website’s calendar) and resubmit your calendar here.

If the event was found by us online and looked exciting so we decided to add it you can email us via this form and get us to edit or remove the event.

If you have your own login for login and edit your events here.

Can I add my Facebook Events to

Kind of…Facebook is not great at sharing information with other websites so while you can share you FB events on our site its not a single step process. You must be either the creator of the event or be “Interested” in the event. Then an option will appear on the event drop down to export the event. (See image of FB event page) Click there and download the .ics file for the event. Often when using this method the event description is lost, so please be sure you have a good title. The .ics file can then be uploaded to our site here.

How do I get my event featured on the home page or in your emails?

Click here to learn more about working with us to promote your event on our website, in emails and on social media.

What kinds of events are listed on

  • Dressage Shows: recognized and schooling
  • Clinics, Symposiums, and Masterclasses
  • Educational Events: judge and instructor classes, lectures
  • Social Events: barn open houses, fun shows, meet and greets, trunk shows reserves the right to add or remove any events deemed to not be benefiting the dressage community at large. We do not sponsor or endorse any of these events, only provides these listing from publicly available sources.

My events were showing up in the past but now they have stopped?

Drop us a note and we will take a look to see why you events are no longer updating. Please note if you have made updates to your website including changing your google calendar feed or calendar plugin this may be the problem. You can email us at

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