A Google Calendar Feed

Go in your web browser to your google calendar page. Select the calendar that you want to share with DressageCalendar.com and hover until 3 small gray dots appear. Click the dots to access the calendar options. Then click settings from the pop up menu.

On the settings page scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find the link for the public address in ical format. Copy that link.  Paste the ical link into the submission form here on our website.

If your website uses the Events Calendar plugin from Modern Tribe and the settings are public you can also send us the link to your events page to share your calendar.

Submit an icalendar File

If your website produces an .ics file it can also be upload to our website. As it is a static file you will need to return to this page and upload new versions of the calendar file in the future.  Download the .ics file from your source to your hard drive then upload it to us via this form. Please note that there limits on number of events that can be added at one time and how far into the future the calendar will post events.

Please note sometimes .ics files are incompatible, we try our best if the upload fails we will email to inform you. If you get one .ics file for each event you can combine them into a single file with this tool: https://michaelion.net/icsMerge/.

Don’t have a Feed?

If you don’t have a feed or even a website no problem! Just click here and add your event directly to our site in a few quick steps. This option is great for someone with only a few events to promote or if you want more control over the look of you event post.

Feed Upload

  • Please copy and paste your Google Calendar or Events Calendar Plugin feed link into the box below OR upload your .ics or icalendar file of you upcoming events.


Dressagecalendar.com reserves the right to add or remove any events deemed to not be benefiting the dressage community at large. All calendar additions subject to approval. Please allow 24-48 hours from approval.